Why You Should Use an Automatic Cat Toilet

They save you time

Cleaning up after your kitty’s daily bathroom business can honestly be time consuming but it is very important for your cat’s health to get this chore done. That’s where automatic cat toilets come in! These devices are designed to clean up after your cats especially if your time is already jam packed! Just set them up, add some fresh litter, and let the machine do its job. Now all you have to do is empty the waste bag each week.

No more worries about changing the litter as often


No need to keep changing the cat litter almost everyday because an automatic cat toilet will clean up after your cat does their bathroom business! Most self-cleaning litter boxes have a sensor that detects when the litter needs to be changed. When the time comes, you’ll just need to add more litter to the box and let the machine do the rest.

They’re more hygienic and reduce nasty smells

Nobody likes their household to have a foul odour from your kitty’s waste trapped in. Automatic cat litter boxes typically have some sort of waste containment system that keeps faeces and urine from coming into contact with the rest of the litter. This helps to reduce odour and keep your cat’s bathroom area clean and tidy.

They’re great for homes with multiple cats

Cleaning up after lots of cats can be so much work! If you have more than one cat companion at the moment, then you know that scooping out multiple litter boxes can be a real pain. This is where an automatic cat litter box will really be a huge help as it does the cleaning job for you no matter how many kitties there is!

They’re easy to set up

Even setting up an automatic cat toilet isn’t a hassle at all!

Just follow the instructions that come with your particular model and you should be good to go.

They’re perfect for busy cat parents

We understand that all of us humans can get really busy at times whether it’s work, school, or other personal matters. You might need to travel frequently or have a demanding job! If this is you, an automatic cat litter box will be a great solution to make sure your cat always has a clean place to do its business as it automatically cleans everything for you and you will just be required to change the cat litter every few weeks.

They help your cat always have a clean litter box

One of the main reasons cats avoid using their litter box is because it’s dirty. This is why it is very important for a cat’s litter box to be cleaned frequently or they might do their bathroom business around your house instead. But with an automatic cat toilet, you can rest assured that your cat will always have a clean place to do its business. Not only will your cat will be much healthier and your house will not get soiled, they will always enjoy a clean litter box to do their bathroom business into!

You’ll save half the money you spend on litter

As there is no need for frequent changing of the litter, you’ll surely save some bucks compared to when you have to change cat litter manually! This means not only does automatic cat litter box do the cleaning job for you but it will help you save some money in the long run!

They minimize your contact with waste

Cat’s faeces and urine has ammonia, bacteria, and other infecting contents in it that can be harmful to you and your cat when you inhale it. One of the main reasons why you should use an automatic litter box is that it minimizes your contact with waste. As an automatic cat litter box automatically gets rid of you’re cat’s faeces and urine, you won’t need to be in contact with your cat’s waste anymore.

 They’re built to last

With proper care, an automatic litter box can last for years as it is built with premium appliance materials to make sure that it is long lasting unlike some manual cat litter boxes that you might need to replace after just months or a year! This can actually help you save money too because you won’t to replace it anytime soon! You won’t have to worry about replacing your kitty’s cat litter box that often.


There are many different reasons why you should consider using an automatic cat toilet as you have read. If you have the problems mentioned above, then it might be time for you to get one!


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