What is the best kennel for my dog?

The basics to consider are;

  • Size?
  • Inside or outdoors?
  • Dogs age?


Dogs are pack animals and enjoy cuddling up at sleep time. Roughly measure your dog and check this against options you are considering. We tend to go with a smallish size to keep the environment cosy, but be careful not to go to small or any mats and bedding you try to insert may be too large.

Inside or out

If indoors you will find not only size is important but also the aesthetics of the design.

And if outdoors, being water resistant and hardy in harsh weather conditions is very important.

Dogs age

Sounds odd, but if your best friend is getting on a bit in life then they may be suffering joint or hip concerns that limit their ability to move around freely. If your dog is a bit old, then we suggest a kennel with a low step up.

Plastic kennels

These are most popular at the moment, very easy to clean and maintain.

They are typically weather & water-resistant, so perfectly suitable for outdoor areas. Plastic dog kennels are light weight which makes moving around the home and yard a breeze.

Plastic does heat up, so we recommend to always have these kennels out of direct sun.

See our plastic dog kennels here.

Timber kennels

Timber dog kennels have been around since the beginning and usually what most of our dogs had at home growing up.

Great for outdoors if made from good quality materials and can also be quite eye catching inside the home. Check what material the roofing is made from and ensure water resistant if going outdoors. I have chosen timber in the past for our dogs but do find they can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move around.

See our timber dog kennels here.


Dog crates in recent years have become popular for inside bed options. This also allows toilet training and having a safe place for your dog if they need to be secluded. Size is important, be careful to not go too big but take into consideration any bedding you might want to include inside. These are a great option for dogs that travel or require a portable kennel.

See our crates here.

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