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Our coops are made from a natural product therefore may show some slight imperfections or variations as in nature. There may be some areas filled or glued. The wood is Chinese fir chosen by sellers here in Australia, Europe and the USA for its long lasting, rot resistant properties. It has been used in all these countries climates for many years. There are many independent tests that have been done and can be found through Google.

We use water based nontoxic stain not paint to ensure our enclosures are safe for any animal that may chew the wood. The stain may also appear more or less depending on how it has soaked into different pieces of wood. Especially the white, or on the ends of wood it will not cover as well. There are however still at least 3-4 coats applied.

These are animal houses. Some stain may be on the edge of a latch or wire but this will not affect the use of our products. Assemble on level ground to ensure all latches line up, they can easily be moved as well if needed. There will be gaps around doors etc to allow for expansion and contraction in the weather.

The asphalt roof may also bubble in hot weather, this is normal and will not affect the roof. This material is used on people’s houses in the USA.

The coops are not designed to be sat on, dragged around or used as a playground for children.

The wire may show signs of rust if male cats are spraying on it, please wash regularly with warm water and soap and spray with a nontoxic oil.

We recommend securing our enclosures to the ground if they are kept in an exposed or windy area.

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