When it comes to waterers for our pets, it can be a big hassle as you have to carry hoses and carry water buckets. Fortunately, we are sharing our tips and tricks for waterers that will save you time and stress.

Automatic waterers are a convenient way to maintain a fresh supply of water for pets. Unlike traditional buckets and troughs that you have to fill yourself multiple times a day, automatic waterers fill up on their own when the water drops to a certain point.

When it comes to automatic waterers, there are advantages and disadvantages. Though they can be a wonderful choice for some people and their animals, they may not be the right fit for others. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that come with automatic waterers.

Benefits of Using Automatic Waterers

Saves time as you don’t have to fill water buckets several times a day.

Saves you from having to fill, lift, and carry buckets.

No need to use a hose, which you need to roll and unroll every time you use.

Water stays cleaner.

Water is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Wastes less water.

Important Factors to Take Into Consideration

Though there are many benefits that come with using automatic waterers, there are some important factors to take into consideration while using them. Though problems can occur when using automatic waterers, they have improved over the years since they first came out.

Waterers Need Daily Attention

In order to make sure your waterer is working properly and your pet is getting fresh water, you need to check on it daily. It is easy just to not pay attention to waterers since they are automatic, but it is still important to inspect them everyday.

Some pets tend to dirty their water, so it is vital to regularly check to make sure the water is clean and fresh.

In addition, you want to make sure they are working properly and have a backup plan in case they stop working.

Be Aware of the Edges

Though many modern automatic waterers have rounded edges, some of the older models have sharp, metal edges. Be sure to make sure the model you are using is safe and there isn’t a way for your horse to injure themselves on it.

They Can Be Difficult To Track Water Intake

If your pet is sick, it is very important to track their water intake. This is easy to do with traditional buckets, but with waterers that refill automatically, it can be hard to track.

It is recommended to purchase a metered waterer in order to track your pets water intake. If your automatic waterer doesn’t have one, the best option is to use regular buckets whenever you are needing to monitor how much water your horse drinks.

Added Expense and Work

Though automatic waterers have many great benefits, they can be expensive. In addition, they need to be installed, which requires hooking up to water lines or hoses.

For automatic waterers that are used outside, additional work may be required such as digging a trench, connecting to water and installing concert pads or gravel to prevent mud.

Getting Pets Used to Automatic Waterers

Some pets may need time to get used to automatic waterers, so it is important to monitor them at first and make sure they are getting used to their new water source. Offer a regular water bucket at first and gradually remove it to encourage drinking from the automatic waterer.

Some pets may be afraid of them at first, so it may take some time for them to get used to it. On the other hand, some pets may play with them, so it is important to make sure they don’t break them.

Helpful Tips

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions prior to installing to make sure it is hooked up correctly and you know how often you need to clean it.

Make sure to choose one that is the right size for your needs and if you are using it in a large yard, that it can sustain the number of animals turned out.

If you need to install concrete pads, make sure they are non-slip.

Be sure they are positioned at a comfortable level for your pet to drink out of.

Always make sure you have something to use as a backup plan in case it malfunctions.

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